User Guide

Control Cube is an easy to use application and even easier to set up.

Compatible Integrated Systems  

Control Cube can currently be integrated with the following systems:

  • Z-Wave on MicasaVerde's VERALite or VERA2 or VERA3 or VERAEdge

  • KNX on any Standard KNX IP Interface (Control Cube V1.6+)

  • Sonos ZP90, ZP120, S3, S5, Playbar

  • XBMC with HTTP Server running on Port 80

  • Global Cache iTach IP2IR, WF2IR on Port 4998

Setup Instructions

We are working on a detailed step-by-step guide. Meanwhile, the app is quite intuitive to setup. Just make sure you have your VERA ready and configured with the room names and all devices and scenes (that you want to control) are assigned to their appropriate rooms. 

Check out our YouTube channel, you can start with the Quick Setup Video: